Thursday, October 26, 2006

The "J"

I had all these great mental images of the story behind this graffiti. Some kid living on the street, forced into a life of crime to support their jam addiction. Organized crime gangs running jam labs out of warehouses. Police raids on illegal raspberry grow ops. Smugglers crossing the border with hidden caches of pectin in the seats of their car. After school public service announcements where a kid with spiky hair and a leather jacket offers the well-mannered everykid a piece of jelly-slathered toast, goading him with taunts of, "Everybody's doing it! What are you, chicken?", only to have a skateboarding cartoon rabbit (wearing a helmet of course, safety first) show up in the nick of time to offer his sage advice about saying "Scram to Jam!"

Then I realised I was thinking of Smucker's, not Smucklers. What the hell is a Smuckler anyway?

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