Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Actual Steampunk Star Wars!

I-Wei Huang (aka. Crabfu), maker of many steam-powered robots you may have seen in the past, has gone and brought his own version of steampunk Star Wars to life with this totally awesome actual steam-powered R2-D2! The brass and wood accents are a great touch.

If you haven't seen his work before, I suggest you check it out.

As seen on Brass Goggles.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's totally crazy but also very cool !!

Doug said...

Oddly enough, Star Wars touched on steampunk (in fact, the first reference to steampunk that I ever heard of) back in 1997, in this audiobook presentation. (This is this first installment; there are three.)


Good stuff if you can get a chance to listen to it. It is NOT the original cast, however, so you have to adjust yourself to the whiny Luke Skywalker replacement.

Doug said...

Here's the correctly formed link: