Friday, April 13, 2007

Prints Now Available!

I've finally got some prints available for sale through DeviantArt Prints. I've never used them personally, so I don't have first hand knowledge of the quality, but I've heard good things from friends.

I'm putting the Steampunk Star Wars series up for now. I've seen a fair bit of Star Wars fan art for sale, so I don't think selling these will be a problem.

Purchase Prints Here

Although some pieces are available at larger sizes, the best quality prints will probably be around the 10-12 inches or lower size.

If there's a piece of mine you'd like to purchase a print of and it's not in the store, let me know!

UPDATE: New Prints available!


MrTact said...

Uh, really? I don't see any of the SPSW stuff up there yet . . .

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could relist them without their steampunk names, and, if pressed, give boring non-SW titles. "Gangster and His Biped Dog"; "Old Man in a Chair"; "Spherical Satellite Laser Hanging in Space"; "Big Droopy Thing with Jowly Cheeks"; and so on. We'd know what they were. Deviant Art needn't.

Mark P said...

Sooo.... we getting any new SPSW pics any time soon? I know, you can't rush art, or genius. I was just wondering. Can we at least know what you're working on next?

Eliot said...

I agree with wcitymike; just don't attach "Star Wars" to them when you put up the prints. We'll all know what they are. And we'll buy 'em.

Eric Poulton said...

wcitymike: That's a good idea. I'll probably give that a shot in the next few days.

mark p: Don't worry, I've got some more coming. Between my day job and some freelance stuff I'm working on, I don't get a ton of spare time to do personal work, but I work on them whenever I get a chance.