Friday, June 22, 2007

Other artists taking on Steampunk Star Wars

This is so cool! Over at CGTalk, there's a whole thread of artists making their own take on the Steampunk Star Wars theme. There's some fantastic work in there, especially on the later pages. If nothing else, check out Marcel "System404" Mercado's stuff on pages 4 and 5. His R2-D2 is great.



Cuprohastes said...

I like cheese... Eh, I mean, I thought System 404's work was rather well done, and I was very neraly inspired to do some work of my own, until I saw that someone else had done pretty much the exact picture I was considering.
Back to the drawing board!

Serious Paul said...

Too cool. I am pretty impressed.

AHR said...

Awesome, you've launched an (fan)art movement!

I put up a link to the CGTalk page as well as a link to your Star Wars art on my blog, Geekanerd. Can't wait to see the new stuff. I'd love to see a take on an imperial officer like Tarkin or Veers...they're practically in the Victorian era anyway, attitude wise.

Anonymous said...

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Rev. Dr. Incitatus said...

Man, you've started a very cool thing. Miljenko Simic's Tie Fighter on page 5 of the thread is fantastic.