Monday, January 28, 2008

Steampunk Star Wars: Captain Ackbar

I've finally got something new to show for Steampunk Star Wars. This was just a quicky, but hopefully it'll help me get back into the groove. There's some characters I'd still really like to do.

Oh, but first, check this out. Three great tastes that go so well together: Steampunk, Star Wars, and Lego!

Captain Ackbar

A scientific genius with a troubled mind, Captain Ackbar spent much of his life roaming the stars in a ship of his own design. After witnessing his homeworld captured and his people enslaved by the Empire, he gathered a loyal crew and fled into deep space, planning to escape civilization entirely.

For the next sixteen years, not a trace of Ackbar or his crew was seen. Meanwhile, the Empire continued to spread, and soon even the darkest corners of the galaxy would hold no sanctuary for Ackbar. Then, as suddenly as he disappeared, a surprise attack on a vital Imperial supply ship signaled Ackbar's return, and the beginning of a long and impressive guerrilla campaign against the Empire. Like a phantom, Ackbar and his ship haunted the Empire, swooping in and hitting them whenever and wherever they were most vulnerable, then disappearing into the void without a trace. The stories of his deeds made him a folk hero among resistance supporters and a fearsome figure to Imperial Stormtroops.

After the annihilation of Alderaan, Ackbar ended his lone campaign and officially joined forces with the Resistance.


bonniegrrl said...
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bonniegrrl said...


I hope you don't mind me blogging about your magnificent Ackbar portrait on the Official Blog. ;-)

spidey23531 said...

Some guy on deviant art is jacking your wonderful artwork.

I think you might want to check this out

Eric Poulton said...

Thanks bonnie, I don't mind at all!

spidey: Thanks for the heads up, but not to worry, that's my DA account.

Turista_espacial said...

Hello Eric,
I just found out about your art, and I have to say that i loved it.
I hope you don't mind, but I post about it in the Portuguese Fan Force Blog.
It's in portuguese, but I will gladly translated to you.

nob01 said...

Fantastic work, Eric!
Obi-Wan and now Ackbar - our appetites are duly whetted, sir.

All power to your steam pencil.

zengineer said...

I was just talking about steampunk with a friend at work tonight (LucasArts). If you ever get to San Francisco, you must visit us. We love your stuff. And I didn't realize there were other computer/grammar dorks in the world. Wow.