Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steampunk Star Wars: Lady Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Lady Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan

Alderaan's Princess and ambassador to a number of planets, Lady Leia's fiery, confident personality and sharp intellect made her a very strong and influential diplomat extremely critical of Imperial policies. Her speeches and public image were instrumental in generating sympathy for the rebel cause. Using her diplomatic connections to gain access to highly guarded information and smuggle supplies, she was an integral member of the Resistance.

As a member of Alderaan's royal family, Leia grew up in the lap of luxury. During her childhood she was widely adored as a public darling, famous for her curly hair and her performances of the Alderaan Global Anthem at royal events. She was a powerful symbol of hope and optimism in a troubled time. However, as a teenager she suddenly withdrew from the public spotlight and began studying at a private school. This withdrawal coincided with the unprecedented government censorship of a popular musical (Gilbert & Snootles' HMS Executor, a comic opera that was highly critical of the Empire), an act which drew much ire from the people of Alderaan, who saw it as the royal family allowing the Empire to meddle in Alderaanian affairs.

When she turned 17, Leia joined the Alderaanian military. (Although the royal family was not technically exempt from Alderaan's mandatory year of military service, Leia was the first princess in over 400 years to actually serve her time.) After two years in the service, she had become an adept marksman and had even led a number of peacekeeping missions in Rodian territories. It is believed that it was during this time that she joined the Resistance, and may have even had a hand in organizing it into the significant force it became.


Eric Orchard said...

Oh man, this is great. I'm having a blast here!

Sway said...

Suh-weeeeet!!! (Thank you, Eric.)

Dane said...

Steampunk Leia is even more heroic and interesting than the movie version. said...

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Jamwes said...

Awesome work man!

Lisa said...

HMmm and instead of a gold bikini, Jabba will strip her down to a golden corset?

Laurie Blanchard said...

I LOVE your work. Your art is amazing and I enjoy your writing as well, how you bring in the back story of each. Please continue to share any of your art with us, I'm very impressed.