Saturday, March 22, 2008

Print Store Updated

Just a quick update letting you know I updated the print store with the latest Steampunk Star Wars images.

Just click here, or if you don't like the looks of this link, there's always the link in the sidebar over there. (eyes that way -->)

They make great Easter gifts! Of course, if you're just ordering them now, you won't get them until long after Easter. Lucky for you they also make great late Easter gifts! And hey, while you're at it, they also make terrific really late Valentine's gifts!


Earth's Mightiest Yak said...

Any chance of a Steampunk version of HK-47?

Daikun said...

Hey, Eric! Here's something awesome: Steampunk Star Wars action figures!

Eric Poulton said...

Earth's Mightiest Yak: I do love HK-47, but I've been mostly focusing on characters the original trilogy. There's so much material to cover in the three movies alone. HK-47 was my favourite character from KOTOR, though.

Daikun: Awesome! I love Sillof's work, but I haven't seen these ones yet.

CT said...

Great site. We love steampunk over at Nerd Lunch. I ran across your blog and mentioned it over on ours. I love the Death Star.

Caachi said...

Hi Eric, I tried to reach you through your AOL account but my email didn't go through. Anyway, we're offering certain blogs free access to a few of our Sci-Fi films that we sell. We'd like to give you a free download of both films I was trying to send to you if you'd like ("Able Edwards" and "Numb"). Just contact me at for the tickets to download the films from our site ( We're trying to seed the market right now with our service and letting bloggers know about films is one way of marketing our selves.


Caachi, Inc.

Chris said...

As well as Starwars you might like some of the unusual gifts listed on the list of lists at

madhuri said...
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