Friday, March 02, 2007

A brief moment of seriousness

Glen (aka Gangus) at, an artist I greatly admire, has a 2-year old son named Ted. Ted was recently diagnosed with autism, and is currently in a very long line waiting for the government aid needed for him to get treatment. The longer he has to wait, the less chance he'll have that the therapy will be effective. You can help Ted and others like him by going to the link below, reading his story and showing your support.

Help Ted


When you're done with that, you can go here to check out some more of Gangus' art. This is his Victory Gals series, a number of paintings inspired by the pin-up nose art on World War 2 planes. Very cool stuff.

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James M. said...

This might be helpful to your friend. A friend of my wife's has a daughter who is autistic and recieved an autism helper dog, which has made an amazing difference. Their website is:

Check it out. It might help!